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All Dads and male care givers with children at SPLS are invited to be part of Shed Men. Shed Men is not an officially recognised SPLS organisation.  Shed Men is run by dads for dads. The Shed Men bbq's allow Dads from SPLS to meet, network and provide support to one another in a casual and relaxed environment.

Shed Men Go Bush Camp
SMGB (Shed Men Go Bush) is an annual camp run by the Shed Men for Dads and their SPLS children.  In recent years, the Shed Men have taken on the camp as a non-school event. Over these years, at the schools request, SMGB camp organisers have completed risk assessments on all activities and adopted a safety plan to ensure the safety of all participants and too their credit have been incident free.  However, recently the school has changed its position on the SMGB Camp and believe that the camp does no longer meet the schools requirements for child safety regulations and duty of care.  For this reason the school can no longer be associated with the SMGB camp.

Recent discussions with the schools leadership team has lead to the postponement of the 2021 camp.  The SMGB committee are working now on running the event this year without the schools involvement.

If you would still like to attend the SMGB Camp, please complete the form below so we can keep in contact and keep you up to date on the planning of this years and future events.

Shed Men social gatherings

Shed Men also arrange regular casual gatherings for Dads to meet and network together over a BBQ and a some casual drinks.  The BBQ's are either hosted by a Dad or held at the School by the shed in the Kiss n Drop zone.  These are held once or twice a term on a Friday evening.  COVID restrictions last year meant that we could not hold the Friday night bbq's but we are looking forward now to getting these evenings up and running again.

If you would like to receive regular updates on Shed Men meetings and events, please complete the small form and click subscribe.

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